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San Diego Multiple Myeloma Awareness Proclamation 2016
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San Diego Multiple Myeloma Awareness Proclamation 2015
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San Diego hosted a Multiple Myeloma event in La Jolla on Saturday, August 23, 2014. Attendees included – left to right, Jodi Pelusi; Elliot Recht; Chawn Tipton and Dennis Kim.

San Diego City Council Recognizes March as Myeloma Awareness Month from IMF Support Group Network on Vimeo.



  San Diego City Council promotes March 25 as March Is Multiple Myeloma Awareness Day. Left to right: Judith Finlay (The Binding Site), Tom Hedges (San Diego MM Support Group), Thomas Hedges, S.D. City Council President Todd Gloria, S.D. City Council President Pro Tem Sherrie Lightner, Kelly Cox (IMF), S.D. City Council Member Mark Kersey.

Tucker Poway MM Month 2 6 2014

(left to right): Andrew White, Tom Tucker (Co-Leader San Diego Myeloma Support Group), and Dave Grosch (Poway City Council Member who carried the Proclamation)

The City of Poway proclaimed March 2014 as “Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month” at the March 4, 2014 Poway City Council meeting. Poway City Council Member Dave Grosch presented the Proclamation to Tom Tucker, who received it on behalf of the San Diego Multiple Myeloma Support Group and the International Myeloma Foundation. They were joined by Andrew White, a member of the Poway City staff who is a Myeloma patient.



  Dr. Morie Gertz, Chair of the Department of Internal Medicine, at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, and Elliot Recht, past San Diego Multiple Myeloma Support Group Leader at the San Diego Conference
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San Diego Multiple Myeloma Support Group members and guests attend the Millenium seminar in San Diego.


International Myeloma Foundation Sponsors Conference in San Diego The International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) in conjunction with the Multiple Myeloma Support Group San Diego, sponsored a national conference on Multiple Myeloma in August of 2008 here in San Diego. The conference being held here shows how the San Diego Multiple Myeloma Support Group is an integral part of the IMF.

Guest speakers included opening remarks by Susie Novis, IMF founder; and Dr. Brian Durie, Chair for the IMF. Other Guest speakers included Dr. Morie Gertz; Dr. Angelina Dizpenzieri, both of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, and Dr. Keith Stewart of the Mayo Clinic in Tucson. One aspect of the conference that was appreciated by all of the attendees, over 300 hundred people from all over the U.S. attended the conference, allowed for “one on one” discussion groups with each of the doctors. Each Dr. spoke about a different aspect of Multiple Myeloma and how to deal with Myeloma symptoms. Subjects ranged from MGUS; smoldering myeloma, Multiple Myeloma treatment therapy and new medications including Revlimid, Velcade, Melphalan and Zometa (one of the newest bone enhancing drugs on the market).

Recommendations for separate tests to be done included bone surveys, serum free light chain assays (one of the newest detectors of Multiple Myeloma); Pet Scans, because they show more than the typical x-ray and MRI scans; the latest drug therapies being tested right now, and a special “one on one” seminar for families, caregivers and friends of Myeloma patients. It isn”t often that a patient can have a “one on one” question and answer session with some of the leading Myeloma researchers and Drs. In the U.S.